Wood Vent Grilles Add a Unique Touch to Model Homes

Posted by Pattern Cut on 8/29/2018

The biggest element that goes into staging a model home is psychology, believe it or not. When a buyer walks into a model home, the home has to make them feel comfortable – without being exactly personalized to their unique style, so that it also works for other buyers. This means that builders and home sellers have to think hard about what types of details to add. One great way to add charm to a room without ruining this careful balance is to add decorative wood vent grilles. Here’s why.

Make Sure Your Next Custom Build Project Includes Crown Molding in Every Room

Posted by Pattern Cut on 8/22/2018

As a custom home builder, you’ve got a lot riding on whether or not a potential homeowner likes what they see. There are little things you do in the build that are for aesthetics only – you choose nice countertops, you consider how the windows are laid out for a good view, and so on. Well, what if we told you that adding flex crown molding to a home can offer a very good ROI, and help you nail a sale?

Have Your Corbels Rotted Off? Replace them with New Ones from Pattern Cut

Posted by Pattern Cut on 8/15/2018

Does your home have a unique style that made you fall in love with it the first time you saw it? Many homeowners are instantly drawn to the decorative elements that they see when they first view a home – whether it’s a tile roof, a wrap-around porch, gables, or smaller elements like decorative corbels.

Crown Molding Adds a Classic Touch to Any Room in the House

Posted by Pattern Cut on 8/8/2018

Have you been looking for a way to change up the style of a room in your home? While you can paint, put up wallpaper, add some new décor, and even change up the furniture, sometimes that still doesn’t really add the classic touch of style you really want. One great way to add instant class to any room is to add decorative crown molding.

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