7 Creative Uses of Corbels

Posted by Patterncut on 6/26/2014 to Ornaments, Corbels, Medallions & More
Corbels were historically made of bricks or blocks that were partially embedded in a wall with the other end projecting out from the face to support the weight of a horizontal protrusion, a function that continues to this day in supporting eaves, mantels, kitchen countertops, cabinets and cupboards, to name a few.

A Laser Focus on Laser Tech

Posted by Patterncut on 6/15/2014 to Tips & DIY
Do you realize that lasers have been around for more than 50 years?

How Can You Dress Up Your Home For Less

Posted by Patterncut on 6/8/2014
How Can You Dress Up Your Home For Less

Many people think that in order to make their home appear to be improved they need to spend thousands of dollars. They need to hire an interior decorator, go to the highest end stores, and spend money on some of the most uncomfortable and ugly furniture imaginable. I mean, who buys an uncomfortable couch on purpose?

It's actually a lot easier than that to make your home or office fabulous. Fresh ideas are all it takes to change the personality of a room from casual to fancy for an instant transformation.

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