Creative Uses for Rosettes

Posted by Patterncut on 1/31/2014 to Ornaments, Corbels, Medallions & More
Rosettes have been used as ornamental decor in architecture and sculpture for thousands of years, and stand today as one of the most enduring design motifs ever created by mankind. A rosette is basically a stylized rose pattern, with the petals extending out from the central stem.

Measuring for Molding

Posted by Patterncut on 1/29/2014 to Flex & Crown Moldings
Molding is the decorative wood trim found in many homes. The term can refer to anything from finely scrolled and detailed trim found in period homes to the basic, plain and one dimensioinal flat boards that are prevalently seen in new construction. In addition to molding that goes around doors and windows, there is crown molding which is installed at the point where the walls meet the ceilings.

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