Wall Ideas to Jazz up Your Home Décor

Posted by Robert on 12/17/2013 to Architectural & Decor
Have you ever stopped to look at what you have on your walls? You may not think of it very often, but your wall décor makes a big difference when it comes to the look and feel of your home.

Plinth Blocks

Posted by Robert on 12/16/2013 to Plinth Blocks
Decorators and homeowners utilize plinth blocks to improve the look of a room or home. Plinth Blocks create a beautiful conversion between the door casing and baseboard trim work by preventing unsightly seams and angles. They allow smooth transition between materials while adding character and depth to the area. Continued use of this construction style has led to many beautiful buildings and gorgeous homes. These attractive styles can be used to subtly alter the mood of a room without the expense of a complete renovation.

Decorative Moldings

Posted by Robert on 12/14/2013 to Architectural & Decor
Decorative moldings put the finishing touches on constructions projects and home renovations by providing transitional points between different materials. They are used to enhance styles and designs while creating personality and flair. Moldings can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, cement and stone. These construction components bring a room together with smooth lines and structural continuity.

Laser Cutting Wood Vent Grilles

Posted by Robert on 12/13/2013 to Laser Cut Wood & Custom Vent Grilles
Laser Cutting Wood Vent Grilles
Homes speak volumes about the people who live there. Customized wood vent grilles provide personality and style to each room. Laser cutting wood vent grilles accent the style, theme or motif that is unique to the designs found throughout the house. These pieces are made from ¼-inch Baltic birch and furniture-grade veneer of maple, cherry or oak. The laser design is then created to personalized look needed. Whether it is a custom order with larger than normal borders or small personal designs, the customized laser cutting wood vent grilles are done to near perfection.

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