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A quality air filter and grille are just a couple of the basic parts you need to ensure the quality of air in your home, while also maintaining the attractiveness of your décor. Clean air is only one part of total air control. You also need tools to control the flow of your air, giving you more or less air conditioning or heat as you need it. A quality air damper louver can give you that control. Place the air damper louver behind one of our wood grilles to easily control the flow of air with just a flat head screwdriver. A simple turn of the screw can let in more air or less air, as you desire. The louver is not meant to direct the flow of air – simply to let in more air or less air. It’s a simple solution for your air control needs that also helps to preserve your décor.

As you are replacing your exisiting metalregisterwtih one of our Grilles, consider purchasing a new louver to work in conjunction with it. It is very simple to use. Adjusting the air flow from your air condintioner orheating ductis done with just a turn of your flat head screwdriver. It is as simple as your generic item,but with far more beauty.

How To Measure

OurAir Damper Louvers are simply placed in the wall opening behind the wood grilles. The air flow is adjusted with a regular flat head screwdriver while the grille and louvers are in place. There is no need to disassemble to adjust. This is a list of theONLY LOUVER SIZES AVAILABLE.
These Damper Louvers are only meant to Open or Close the Airflow.
They are NOT MEANT to direct the flow of air.
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