Your Quick Guide To Laser Cut Moldings, Grilles, Panels

Posted by Pattern Cut on 7/26/2015
Pattern Cut is your one-stop, online provider of custom laser-cut moldings, crowns, and grilles for your home and office. If you are looking for unique architectural details, we are here for you.

Redecorating Your Home By Replacing Your Flex Molding, Flex Crown Molding, Air Damper Louvers And Vent Grilles

Posted by Pattern Cut on 6/29/2015
When the time comes to refresh your home you simply cannot afford to forget the smaller accents that add so much to a well-decorated home. Just some of these accent items are moldings and air vents. 

4 Simple DIY Projects to Make Your House More Livable

Posted by Pattern Cut on 6/16/2015
Making your house more livable, and increasing its value, does not necessarily entail spending a fortune on renovations. A few tweaks here and there can sometimes lead to a significant difference in the look and feel of your living space. There's also no doubt that sprucing up your place could go a long way in attracting buyers should you decide to put your house in the market. However you go about it, making your place more inviting always brings back desirable returns, whether those returns are measured in dollars or increased quality of home life.

Strategies for Elevating Home Decor

Posted by Pattern Cut on 6/16/2015
When it comes to selling a home, regardless of whether it is a new construction or an existing property, beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. And, since the goal is to get that beholder to buy, it only makes sense to make that home as beautiful as possible in order to improve your chances of closing the sale. Especially since, in many cases, the specific elements that contribute to a home's appeal: Size, location, amenities, etc... are so even between two properties that the little details can sway the balance in your favor. How can you make your home stand out from the crowd? One proven way is to add some decorative upgrades to the home decor.

Impress Using Laser-Cut Vents and Return Air Filter Grilles

Posted by Pattern Cut on 5/18/2015
Efficient ventilation is no longer just a professional advice; it’s a must-do home improvement project for every homeowner. Investing in appropriate ventilation isn’t just for comfort, but will also have positive benefits to the general health of occupants, and will help lessen the load on your wallet. For this reason, a number of products and systems are recommended for installations, including vents and panels. Aside from air conditioning system, the air return vents, panels and grilles are the traditional installations used in promoting efficient ventilation.

Ceiling Medallions for the New Home?

Posted by Pattern Cut on 4/30/2015
Ceiling medallions are moldings that are installed in the center of a ceiling, typically around a light fixture or ceiling fan. In today’s economy everyone is looking for creative ways to design living spaces using items in a way they ordinarily wouldn't; such as ceiling medallions. This trend, as well as the traditional uses of them has seemingly exploded in the interior design of new homes over the last few years.

Flex Molding for a Special Playroom Setting

Posted by Pattern Cut on 4/14/2015

Many homes have rooms that have been designated as the playroom. These rooms keep the children’s messes corralled in one area of the home. It is a place for kids to run away with their imaginations and creativity, without Mom and Dad having to worry about stepping on those pesky and painful Legos kids adore.

Reduce Allergy Symptoms with Clean Air Filters

Posted by Pattern Cut on 4/14/2015

Spring has arrived, and with it comes the coughing, sniffling, sneezing, irritated red eyes from allergies. If you have children, you probably know that they are the most susceptible to allergies, and spring is one of the worst times for plant pollen allergies. Spring and summer are often called the peak allergy seasons.

Baroque Interior Design: 6 Important Elements

Posted by Pattern Cut on 4/13/2015

Thinking of having your home or hotel designed or redecorated the Baroque way? Indeed it's an interesting way to showcase a lavish lifestyle, impress guests, and wake up daily to luxuriously beautiful surroundings. This extravagant style goes a long way back, but continues to be utilized for many upscale homes and establishments.

Here are the 6 important elements you need to keep in mind when browsing for furniture, lighting, and decors you'd like to include in your Baroque interiors:

Simple Design Upgrades when Renovating your Home

Posted by Pattern Cut on 3/20/2015
We have all probably watched the show “This Old House” on home re-design and renovation or similar shows on HGTV.  As many of us know from experience that taking an older house and upgrading it to a newer home can be an expensive and challenging task especially if you are doing it yourself without the hassle of costly labor and inconvenient intrusions from a work crew. 

Plinth Block Installation

Posted by Pattern Cut on 3/2/2015
If you’ve purchased some beautiful plinth blocks, you’ll need to know how to install them. Here is a simple guide.

History of Corbels

Posted by Pattern Cut on 2/16/2015
The word corbel comes from the Latin word curvus, which means “raven.” In French, the word for corbel is corbeau, which means “crow.” A corbel is a bracket built into or projecting out from a wall, supporting the weight of a structure above it. Its shape resembles that of a crow’s beak, inspiring its present-day name.

Revamp Your Home

Posted by Pattern Cut on 1/30/2015
Your home is the center of your life. It’s where you eat, drink, sleep, laugh, cry, fight and love. Sometimes, it’s easy to take your living space for granted. Your life is full and busy and you don’t have the time or energy to really pay attention to the details of your house. Then one day you take a good hard look and realize that the walls could use a coat of paint, the carpets shampooed, the tile steamed and the floors redone. While you’re going to the trouble of taking care of these things, why not give your home a little oomph; a little something extra to make you fall in love with it all over again?

All That Glitters: Victorian Redecorating

Posted by Pattern Cut on 1/25/2015
The Victorian era was so named for the reign of Queen Victoria (reigned: 1837-1901), one of Great Britain’s most beloved and long-lived monarchs, and was characterized by dark woods, deep textures, and gilt.

The Mouth to Your Chi

Posted by Pattern Cut on 1/9/2015

Your house is the biggest investment you will ever make in your life.  Not only in terms of equity, but many of your memories, happy, sad and in between are made in your home.  Your house is so much more than a dwelling.  It’s the place you bandage scraped knees, spend hours doing school projects, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries.  

Maximize Architectural Columns Use Inside Your Home

Posted by Pattern Cut on 1/2/2015

Architectural columns have been used for thousands of years as accents and support for palaces and other forms of structure. While these architectural accents are traditional used for impressive palaces and structures, these can also work in residential homes. Architectural columns can work for a variety of home improvement projects, and can help boost overall home value and aesthetics. Here are creative ways on how you can use architectural columns inside your home.

The Rich History of Rosettes

Posted by Pattern Cut on 11/29/2014
The rosette used today in design and architecture has quite a rich history. A rosette is a round, stylized flower design, used extensively in sculptural objects from antiquity, appearing in Mesopotamia and used to decorate the funeral stele in Ancient Greece. It was adopted later in Romanesque and Renaissance, and also common in the art of Central Asia, spreading as far as India where it is used as a decorative motif in Greco-Buddhist art.

Know Your 'Capitals'

Posted by Pattern Cut on 11/25/2014
Modern architecture owes a number of building concepts from the ancient Greeks; one of the most enduring is the use of ‘capitals.’ Derived from the Latin 'caput' meaning ‘head’, capitals are located at the topmost portion of a column and help spread the load that thrusts down upon the former. More than their structural utility, capitals are also highly utilized for their decorative attributes. Today, capitals are often used for ornamentation purposes.

Laser Cut vs Handmade Wall Ornaments

Posted by Pattern Cut on 11/11/2014
Home is where the heart is. We love our homes, and we decorate them to feel cozy, and practical, and warm, and sometimes cold - we make our homes fit our personalities. So, when you’re in that home decoration, or redecoration, phase, and all you can think about are rugs, and paintings, and wallpapers, and different pieces of furniture, your mind might wander to wall ornaments. They can look beautiful and classy, or hip and modern - it all depends on which ones you choose. And speaking of choices, are you going with laser cut or handmade wall ornaments?

How Laser Cutting Gives You the Most Beautifully Cut, Engraved Panels, Moldings, Grills

Posted by Pattern Cut on 11/2/2014
Laser cutters are precise tools that create beautifully cut and engraved moldings, grills, and screens for homes around the world. When you order a laser cut item, you will receive exactly what you have requested.

Decorative Architectural Mouldings

Posted by Pattern Cut on 9/10/2014
House mouldings in today’s modern homes create an aesthetic, decorative statement. They have also long-served a practical purpose such as connecting different spaces within a building. An example would be the point where wall surfaces meet floors, around window openings and doorways.

How Minor Work Can Improve Your Home's Appearance

Posted by Pattern Cut on 9/9/2014
When you look around your house you'll find that while it is a nice space, it can lack something to it over time. You'll find things to update, change, and fix but you'll feel as if you are not good enough to take on such a challenge. You would be wrong! Many in home projects are easily achieved, all you have to do is go for it! Here are some easy in home updates you can do in order to help your house feel a little fresher than it was before.

Woodworking Starting Kit

Posted by Patterncut on 8/23/2014
When you are sitting around your home, you may find yourself feeling the urge to finally create something for yourself. You might feel the need to craft something out of wood.

DIY Moldings Installation – Should You Do It?

Posted by Pattern Cut on 8/19/2014
The do-it-yourself approach to home improvement has become as common as apple pie – you won’t find a soul that haven’t tried it, and quite a lot like to dabble in it on regular bases. It’s easy to see why – people love doing things with their own hands, it leaves them with a sense of accomplishment. It’s a great opportunity to learn new skills, as well, and not to forget – everything that helps save some money is more than welcome.

How to Install Plinth Blocks with a Door Frame

Posted by Patterncut on 8/1/2014
Plinth blocks can be a wonderful visual element to virtually any room, adding a nice piece of art to a molding, baseboard or door frame.
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